Welcome to the page for my Cookie Shop ocs! This Nintendo DS game from 2008 is scarcely talked about - with the lastest tutorial I found being from 2012 and there being a limited Wiki for it. I got this game near Christmas when I was around 7-8, under the impression it was akin to Cooking Mama. I had no clue how to get past the first day and was too intimidated to pick it up again. But I randomly thought of it and low and behold I spent the last week (from 28th May) binge playing it and I absolutely adore this game - highly reccommend! I love it dearly so I went and made ocs if I were to make a fan sequel, largely based off of Gateways characters... also my boyfriend... enjoy!



Honey is the main protagonist of the game who you play as. She's a big dreamer who's desired a dessert shop since she was a choco-kitten. Now as a grown up choco-cat, she has the resources to make her dream a reality. With the help from her collection of homemade recipes and cookbooks, and her doting choco-dog boyfriend, Meri, she is finally able to open her shop on the 4th floor of the soon to be opened department store. Honey is a caring and passionate girl who has an obvious flair for baking and cooking in general - having a particular knack for sweets such as honeycomb. Her friends from the other soon to be opened shops have known her for years and know her to be capable of achieving her goals and more.



Honey's loving boyfriend, Meri is your co-manager for your store in the game. He's a loving, intelligent and talented choco-dog who adores his girlfriend's creations - whether there her desserts themselves, (his favourite unsurprisingly being lemon meringue pie) or her recipes of which he secretly practices in hopes of surprising his treasure. Meri works equally as hard, not only managing finances and taking on the role as cashier, but also writing ads and magazine articles with his incredible gift for writing. He's an immensely supportive and encouraging guy in general - mostly of course to Honey - who is always willing to cheer even those he doesn't get along with up, but also recognises when he needs to be assertive. Overall, he's an amazing guy who enjoys the simple things in life and holds them dear.



Your best friend in the game, Icy owns an ice cream shop on floor 6. She's a bubbly choco-dog who loves nothing more than sharing her creations with her friends and customers alike, and in turn she supports her friends to no end. Icy endeavours to create the most unique flavours that she can -  ranging from the typical flavours like vanilla to extravagant ones such as avocado and even jalapeno. She loves experimenting with seemingly impossible to make appealing ingredients, and her friends - particularly her best friend next door, Frosty - are often her unsuspecting victims, who are either pleasantly surprised from her ice cream roulette, or end up with a sore stomach. Other than ice cream, she also adores bright decorations, thus her shop looks like the embodiment of a rainbow.



Owner of the supermarket on the 0th floor, Grady the German Shepard choco-dog is another best friend of Honey's - almost a mentor figure. Despite his disgruntled appearance, he actually enjoys his job and looks forward to the prospect of expanding his business through. He sources the most local produce he can get his hands on - not only to establish his business as top quality and as one who supports local producers, but also to aid his fellow store owners in the department store, as he admires the culinary craft on display and if they have better ingredients, then that can only mean better treats for him to "sample"... whilst also supporting his friends, obviously. Grady has known Honey since her teens and wants nothing more than to see her flourish... and also her grape jelly.



Grady's treasured husband, Citruss is the owner of the fruit shop beside his supermarket, who works just as diligently. He's an intelligent and energetic, yet cunning fellow who runs his shop with pride. Much alike his spouse, he makes the extra effort to source the highest quality of products that he can, even trying to get his hands on exotic fruits and vegetables. His stock changes seasonally, for example he'll sell pumpkins during Autumn, and mangoes in Summer. With some products he'll sell "perfect" versions of produce during the month of the year that they're in season, for example: strawberries in May. Citruss is also another best friend of Honey's, and much akin to Grady is a prominent parental figure to her. His favourite dessert of Honey's is her lemon cupcakes with lemon icing.



The owner of the department store, Zapple also has an baking equipment store on floor 8. Despite the intimidating title of manager of the entire department store, Zapple is an incrediby kind guy with big ideas for his company and all his employees. He appreciates all the work they do, and he's eternally grateful for them making his dream a reality. He decided to have his own store so to be more involved in the retail process, and also to provide future and current cooks with the tools they need as Zapple has a great appreciation for cooking in general - particularly baking as evevryday he's made witness to the sweet delights that his bakers and confectioners make. He's considerate and friendly to all his employees who all care for him back. His favourite dessert is apple and blackberry pie.



Jammy is the adorable boyfriend of Crumb, and caring best friend of Choco. Him and Choco both own a confectionary shop that sells jams and chocolates. Jammy runs the jam aspect of their partnership, and puts his love and care into his gift. He creates and sells his various jams, curds, sweet chutneys, and marmalades. Jammy is fascinated by how the simple pairing of two ingredients can create a whole new flavour, and takes immense joy in experimenting. His flavour range in all that he sells is wide, spanning simple recipes such as the classic strawberry jam to the rather unique carrot cake jam. Jammy himself is much like his produce: incredibly sweet. He loves enthusiastically sharing his passions with others always encouraging Choco to share his own talents. His favourite dessert is jam tarts.



Decake is the wolf choco-dog who owns the amusement park on the top of the department store at floor 9. He's a trixy guy who secretly takes delight out of "accidentally" understating the difficulty level of his games, often resulting in extra money from persistent players. However, he is aware that his friends who run the other stores know this about him, and he thus reluctantly restrains from swindling them as long as that entails he still gets discounts on their produce... and secretly their friendship - that of which he won't admit. Decake has a soft spot for Honey's desserts - especially her decadent red velvet cake. His son, Chip assists him in the room beside him, and his loving husband, Achio, does anything to support him and his business.



Decake's wonderful husband, Achio is the owner of the floor flavourings shop. Due to his high intellect and chemical know-how, he's able to create his own food colourings and flavourings, (such as vanilla, rose, orange, etc extracts). Alongside these, Achio also sells juices for flavourings, and other ingredients like nuts. He's a well mannered, crafty, smart choco-cat with a quiet demeanour - very much in contrast to his bombastic husband. However, much in line with Decake's behaviour: Achio isn't afraid of getting his paws dirty, and is oddly good at "convincing" others to provide him with extra special flavourings - such as Yubari King melon extract. However, despite his dubious behaviuor, Achio is very caring and takes pride in his work and adores his husband. His favourite dessert is pistachio brittle.



Choco is the shy co-manager of him and his best friend Jammy's confectionary shop. He assists by selling luxurious and simple chocolates alike, which compliment Jammy's fruity jams. A lot like how their produce compliments each other, Choco's quiet, self aware and polite nature balances Jammy's excitable, quick and sometimes oblivious nature. Despite the opposing personalities, Choco adores his best friend, and the two do anything to support each other both as business partners and practical brothers. Choco is somewhat of a chocolate connoisseur - having a deep appreciation for all chocolates from the standard milk, white, and dark chocolates to the more rare flavours such as goji berry and even soy sauce. Choco particulalry enjoys Honey's desserts, especially her rich coulant.



Victor is the timid owner of the department store's book shop on floor 7. Victor, whilt loving be able to provide a wealth of knowledge through his passion to a plethora of customers, he's quite a nervous choco-dog who normally keeps to himself. He appreciates quiet pastimes such as chess and, of course, reading. He loves most if not all types of books, and he particularly loves mystery ones as he finds it keeps his mind sharp and at least can provide him with the sense of confidence of a great detective. Reading is an escape for him where he can live in any role he wants. He also greatly enjoys being able to communicate and build friendships with the other store owners, as he can always provide them with information they need. His favourite dessert is Victoria sponge cake.



The boyfriend of Saku, Rhu is the owner of the interior decorating shop on floor 7. There, Rhu sells various home appliances, lounging items, decorative items, and even wallpaper and flooring. Rhu takes a great curiosity in how interior decorating style can vary from person to person, and wants to cater to as many types of decorators in the pursuit he can promote creativity. He loves relaxing with a furniture catalogue, sampling one of his girlfriend's tasty treats. In exchange for free treats he even furnished and decorated Saku's entire shop down to the wallpaper and flooring and even the fairy lights. Rhu is a simplistic guy who's down to earth and kind. He admires all of the other store owners... and of course their interiors. His favourite dessert is rhubarb and custard tart.



Saku is the girlfriend of Rhu, and the owner of the Asain cuisine shop on floor 2. Much like Citruss, she was born with just one eye, but despite this she could not be any happier. She's a big dreamer, and endeavours to share with her customers and friends alike not only her Japanese/Chinese heritages, but all of Asain dessert cuisine in general. She adores her job and feels fortunate to do what she loves as a job - making delicious Asain sweets. She not only makes and sells her treats, but also sells the ingredients one would need to make some themselves, thus getting to share her passion with others. Saku is a calm yet excitable lady, and she loves to share her culture with others, and thus hear about their's - especially Rhu's. Her favourite dessert out of all Asian cuisine is sakura raindrop cake.



Owner of the tea shop on floor 5, Kia is an intelligent choco-dog brewer with the goal of sourcing the highest quality teas she can. She sells a wide range of teas from the regular Earl Grey and hibiscus teas to the rare Yellow Gold Tea Buds, to Silver Rain White Full-leaf teas. Her personal favourite tea is lime tea - which she loves to pair with her friend Honey's key lime pie since she appreciates the synergy the duo creates. On the outside, she appears condescending and cold - and to strangers she is, (surprisingly this doesn't cost her any customers) however, when one gets to know her she can become a wonderful conversationalist who can go on tangents for days about her passions and her surprising wealth of science. She treasures her friends endlessly despite her odd expression of such feelings.



Choco-cat owner of the coffee shop on floor 5, Berri is an exuberant and proud hard-worker. Berri takes great pride in her field of work - seeing coffee as almost an art form. From ristrettos to affogatos, she endeavours to master each type of coffee drink, and to also create her own types. Berri favours dark roasts for her own personal drinks - especially the Italian roast. Berri is always eager to try new things, and through that mentality she was able to make unlikely friends with both Kia and Pumpky - both seemingly snooty choco-cats which otherwise wouldn't be Berri's cup of tea. She discovered fruity teas through Kia, and fell in love with her blueberry tea. Through her exploring she has also got to sample Honey's many desserts, and is particularly fond of her blueberry cupcakes.



Decake and Achio's contrastingly wholesome son, Crumb is Decake's helper in the amusement park on floor 9. He helps serve drinks to the customers and also sells bottles of certain drinks as ingredients to the chefs of the department store, confident they'll create fancy treats that he then has a right to sample. He gives his boyfriend, Jammy, a discount on the exclusive ingredients - and if it weren't for Decake's stinginess, Crumb would give it to him free. Crumb is a good-hearted and empathetic choco-dog who is secretly quite nervous. Despite his unique job as his dad's bartender, he greatly enjoys himself and is happy to help his loving parents, and earn money to treat his friends and Jammy - as long as he can get Jammy's strawberry jam cookies which he absolutley adores as he does Jammy.



Pumpky is the grouchy looking owner of the spice shop on floor 2. A choco-cat of high class and taste, she prides herself of owning exotic and rare spices alike - feeling like she somewhat enables the bakers to create their confectionaries, and thus perhaps she is better than them... at least in her eyes. She's good friends with Berri in particular, as her spices enable Berri to create delectable drinks - her favourite being a pumpkin spiced latte. Pumpky sees the other store owners to be privilged that she's there to provide the department store with a high income, not only through her perhaps expensive spices, but also by providing its bakers with ingredients. She's rather snooty but under that persona she looks out for others and deep down really appreciates those that care for her.



Icy's other best friend, Frosty owns the icings shop beside on the same floor as Icy's ice cream shop. Frosty is a choco-dog of few words and a quiet, chill demeanour. In his shop he sells ingredients needed for icing - such as confectioner's sugar - and icings, glazes, frostings and buttercreams themselves as ingredients. Frosty sells well known brands, along with selling his own homemade toppings. Along with providing toppings, Frosty also sells dessert decorations like popping candy, sprinkles, and fondant. Frosty himself keeps to himself most of the little time he has outside of hanging around with Icy - aside from her, however, he has a soft spot for Jammy who's a nice slower change of pace from the lively, quick Icy. He loves most desserts, but has a sweet tooth for confetti cake.



Bea is the loving boyfriend of Custela, and is you and Honey's main rival in the game, owning the pastry shop beside Honey on the 4th floor. A dedicated and ambitious busy Bea, he's overflowing with recipe ideas, and once he has one he has to rush to record it, or even go right ahead and make it. Bea is extremely energetic, and practically can't sit still when working. He specialises in desserts of a more creamy texture, as he'd always prefer a pudding or a parfait to a pie any day. His prized bee antennae were an anniversary gift from his beloved Custela, and they remind him to continue being hard worker - although Custela made him promise that to balance it he also has to be a hard relaxer. Bea is intensely competitive, but is a good sport and will always admire Honey.



Bea's partner in business and love, his girlfriend, Custela is the co-manager of the other pastry shop on floor 4. Whilst Custela enjoys being in control the more managerial side of co-running their shop, she just can't keep away from the baking aspect. She loves creating cute and visually appealing desserts, and loves spending a night of the week at home creating dessert decorations with her boyfriend. She's a kind-hearted and adorably sweet choco-dog, who might come across as a doormat, but she knows when to look out for herself. She'll support her all her friends in the department store no matter what - especially Bea, of course. But despite Bea's competitive streak: she loves Honey's desserts, especially her vanilla sponge with pink custard recipe - though not as much as Bea's



Husband of Piera, Bert is the owner of his own bakery on floor 3. In his bakery, Bert sells high quality breads of all cultures, ranging from Australian dumper bread, to Spanish yellow rolls, to Mexican jalapeno cornbread. Bert makes most of his produce himself, (with occasional help from his wife), whilst also selling local bakers' produce as well. He loves creating his own bread flavours - such as blueberry baguettes and strawberry croissants. Bert himself is a chipper and optimistic corgi choc-dog, with an almost blissful obliviousness about him. However, despite his scatterbrained aspects, he keeps on top of all his business affairs and has created a well respected business. He just adores the other workers in the department store, and he loves Honey's blueberry  muffins in particular.



Wife of Bert, Piera is the owner of her own pastry shop, acting as a your other rival but also you and Honey's friend. She is a hardworking chcoc-cat who aspires to be a world-renowned pastry chef. Specialising in pies, tarts, and about any fancy pastry dish one can think of, she's established a reputable business and gains the department store much traction. Piera herself is soft-spoken, much in contrast to her unrelenting business approach... which also makes her rather the opposite of her husband. Piera is also warm-hearted and compassionate, and despite Bea, Custela and Honey all being her rivals: outside of business she loves them dearly and only wants to see them succeed... maybe not as much as her though. She also has to admit: Honey's berry pies are really tasty.



A null looking choco-cat, Blaise is the owner of the clothes shop on floor 8 of the department store. In contrast to her pessimistic exterior, she takes great pride and care in he craft. She is in control of not only distributing the items in her store to eager customers, but also owns her very own fashion line of which she designs all of the products and even fashions reference pieces for her  team. Second to the design process, Blaise also lives for modelling her items, and even some other companies' to spread her own brand's reach. Whilst Blaise tends to keep to herself, she still respects her friends and does what she can to support them, even designing the uniforms for those that run the department's eateries - including Honey, who supplies Blaise with her favourite treat of blackberry tart.