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Equipment and art stuff:

Here you'll find all of the art supplies that I use! If you think I'm forgetting anything, or have any suggestions or recommendations on other art stuff I should consider getting, then feel free to contact me!

LENOVO G50 15.6" Laptop

So this douchey piece of equipment is my laptop. ALL jokes aside, it's a really good laptop, but then again, I've only ever owned this laptop. But this came with 800+GB, and a really good graphics card. I've never had to take this laptop to get a repair; I've only ever needed to do a few system restores here and there due to malicious software.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD

This is probably one of the best things that have ever happened to me: the Wacom Cintiq. Holy jeebus this thing is amazing! With this tablet, I can say that my digital art has improved greatly. Although if you're somebody who's just starting to use drawing tablets, I would recommend the Wacom Intuos. It's simple to use and even comes with some free software.

Blue Yeti Microphone

So this mic is just about the best you can get, from what I've heard - and it lives up to it's expectations! The audio is super clear and the settings are easy to follow. It can connect to computers via just a simple cable, and the mic itself is pretty affordable. It's not too big, and is fairly portable.

Paint Tool Sai 2

This software is not only AMAZING but is also cheap! The trail gives you a lot to work with - but again, the full version is REALLY cheap when compared to most software. The software is amazing for artists, whether they're a beginner or a professional. I use this software pretty much everyday - so I REALLY recommend it for an aspiring digital artist!

Photoshop CS6

Photoshop is really expensive, that's the first thing you  need to know - so be careful, because if you're looking this app for drawing reasons, then you're better off just getting Paint Tool Sai since it's ten times cheaper. But if it's for editing reasons, then it's obviously a good choice! 


So if you want really good, affordable recording software: then this is perfect! It's only £30, so this is a cheap start to a possible YouTube channel. The un-paid version only allows you to record at 10 minutes at a time, and has the logo permenantly in your recording, so I recommend actually buying it.


Sony Vegas Pro 13


Ayúdame is basically random font generator: basically ya click it and you get a random font with the choice to download it or not. Its really helpful for when I don't know what I'm looking for, and just need a quirky font - I recommend it!

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