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Week 10: Reflective Blogs

Over the week we were to continue with our individual animations for our respective groups. I decided to focus on my background first as I dread the idea of having that as the last thing to do. Below is the entire rough background I already had done for the animatic stages:

Before diving into illustrating the full background, I collected some references:

Gravity Falls was definitely the main inpiration for what I wanted to produce. I love the Oregon forest areas with the range of colours used - not only for different times of day, but also for different moods. The purples and pinks really spoke to me - especially as in our group we've planned that the backgrounds will gradually change from blues to pinlks/reds the further down the group it gets. My Aephi segment falls on the third last slot - thus my background will have a fuschia/magenta hue.

I also wanted to further develop the "Autumn" concept I had from Week 2. I loved the "tree-rings-that-look-like-eyes" concept and wanted to run with it - in jungle form.

When searching for references, I also found out that a real life bioluminescent jungle does indeed exist! In Disneyworld anyways...

The article informed me of this ride based on the planet, Pandora from the (movie) Avatar that acts like a bioluminescent jungle! The use of purples and pinks really fit with what I wanted to create - plus I love the vines ngl.

For working on my background, I took the base rough image in Paint Tool Sai 2 and began separating different segments of the jungle into folders. I wanted the grass floor to be separate as the foreground, with the main closest trees behind it, the background trees behind them, and finally, the furthest away trees behind everything.

Looking at the process screeshots, you can see the unhealthy amount of layers and chaos present in a typical file from me. I separated each asset into its own folder, then created the linework (I honestly don't know why I chose a literal jungle when drawing trees are one of my art nemises). Following this, I coloured each bit in, then shaded, then added the glowing eyes, (a GREAT song by Twenty One Pilots, btw).

As you can see from the final asets below: they're way longer than needed, and don't even take up the entire original canvas space. As I plan to take these images into my very legally attained version of Sony Vegas Pro 13, I only need as much as the camera shows when it moves across as Aephi walks.

I took each asset into my very legal software and separated each of them onto its own layer. Using the "Pan/Crop" features I use keyframes to change the positions of each asset for when Aephi's walking from the beginning, when he pauses, and when he resumes his stroll. My brain got muddled with timing it so the further back the assets were placed, the slower they moved as they would in real life.

Below I have the final version of the background wit and without the animatic laid over it!

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