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Week 8: Storyboarding!

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

For this week, our first task was to animate a flour sack another key animation exercise. I knew immediately I wanted to give a little personality to the sack I animated. The magic carpet from Disney's Aladdin really inspired me! Same rectangular base shape with lil' tassles!

Decided to animate him being thrown, landing with a skid, looking up hopefully, then waddling away dejectedly. It was EXTREMELY hard to keep track of the tassle shapes and trying to figure out the sack shape from various complex angles was hard. In the end, I'm happy with the result!

I got confused on the task so ended up accidentally producing an animatic! Very smart but oh well, at least I was one step ahead. I quickly sketched a greyscale background in Paint Tool Sai 2, (that luckily ended up being much longer than needed!) and using the transform tools in Toon Boom Harmony: had it move from left to right in a walking pace. After this, I sketched out key poses for what I wanted - which was similar too:

I wanted to capture the same vibe of a character curiously exploring nature - only with Aephi he's nervous and scared. As one does in a radioactive jungle. This would also be a good chance to practice a walk cycle! I storyboarded out the passes and contacts of him walking at first, then stopping, whipping out his pistol, anticipating action as he notices the bunny and said bunny hops on him, and then him walking off.

Had so many problems rendering (it always came out is 24fps??) so excuse the quality. Really happy with the content quallity though! Very impressed for a first proper attempt!

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